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Welcome to the South Carolina Jaycees

South Carolina's leading network of young active citizens.


Objectives and Key Results

South Carolina Jaycees

Disseminate information to the local level.

Increase the impact of the organization locally, statewide, and nationally.

Establish a tradition of more involvement in Jaycee Camp Hope for the South Carolina Jaycees.

The Jaycee Mission

To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

10 Reasons to Join the Jaycees

Make deep & meaningful connections

Being a Jaycee means you're part of
a worldwide family, and who knows, you may likely meet your significant
other if you haven’t already.

Build Your Leadership Skills

Start at your own pace and develop as a leader with like‐minded people. We have leadership teams from the local chapter, state, national and international levels just waiting for YOU to join them.

Enjoy Travel & New Experiences

We have state, national and international
conventions and events.

Receive World‐Class Training

We offer 100s of different trainings tailored to your needs. Evolve into a trainer yourself!

Membership Discounts

From car rental to insurance to hotels, we have
loads of member‐only discounts.

Skills Development

These skills include running an effective meeting, advocacy, mentorship, project management, time‐management, team management, budgeting, partnership development, marketing/promotions,
multitasking, public speaking, writing, etc.


The organizational platform helps open doors to meet community and civic leaders.


Learn how to run a community project with support of a team to help you succeed all while learning from our mistakes.


Help create lasting positive change in your community with
impactful and sustainable projects.


Utilize the international network you will have access to and learn from others experiences, successes and mistakes. Collaborate with others around the world to leave your mark on this planet.

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