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Resource for Chapters & Members

Local Jaycee Chapter Resources

New Member Oath

Charge & Oath of Office

President Gavel Turnover

Local Officer Guides

Project Management Guide

Chapter Bylaws Example

Chapter Extension Blueprint

Chapter Extension Checklist

Charter Members Form

Robert's Rule of Order Worksheet

Recruitment Values Based Selection Process Handout

Recruitment Name Drivers

Recruitment Initial Contact Examples

Recruitment Small Activities

Recruitment Values Based Selection

Recruitment Pre-Close

Estate Planning Training

Virtual Interview Training

Social Media Basic Trainings

GlueUp Training

South Carolina Jaycees Resources

South Carolina Jaycees Bylaws

State Officer Guides

Passport to Civic Leadership

2023 State Officer Candidate Packet

JCI USA Resources

JCI USA Bylaws

JCI USA Policies

JCI Constitution & Policy Manual

JCI Action Framework

History of the Jaycees

Get Out The Vote

JCI Etiquette & Protocol

Jaycee Creed History

Jaycee Creed and Benediction

2022 JCI USA Awards Manual


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